3 April 2012; Singapore; Photo credit: Likun Hou

Xiang Sun | 孙祥 | 孫祥

Curriculum Vitae
How to pronounce Xiáng Sūn?



Professor of Economics, Economics and Management School, Wuhan University [faculty page at WHU]

Research Interests

Economic Theory and Applications
specialized in Matching and Market Design, Game Theory and Information Economics, Social and Economic Networks


  • Mailing Address:
    Economics and Management School, Mailbox 4-29, Wuhan University
    299 Bayi Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei, 430072, China
    Mailing Address in Chinese:
    中国,湖北,武汉,武昌区,八一路 299 号
    武汉大学,经济与管理学院,信箱 4-29,430072
  • Office: Room 269, Liangsheng Building (亮胜楼), Economics and Management School [Google Maps] [高德地图]
  • E-mail: xiangsun [\dot] econ [\@] gmail [\dot] com (preferred), xiangsun [\dot] econ [\@] whu [\dot] edu [\dot] cn (never used)
  • Tel: +86 027 6875 5072
  • Fax: +86 027 6875 4150
  • Mobile: Available upon request
  • WeChat: xiangsun or QR code
  • Skype: xiangsun.sunny
  • I can be also reached via other ways
  • 联系本人申请博士的,请先完成 Game Theory – An Introduction 习题17.1