Research Interests

Matching and Market Design, Game Theory and Information Economics, Economic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Social and Economic Networks


Listed in order of acceptance

  1. Individualistic foundation of distributional equilibrium
    Xiang Sun, Yeneng Sun, and Haomiao Yu
    Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming
  2. Perfect and proper equilibria in large games
    Xiang Sun and Yishu Zeng
    Games and Economic Behavior 119 (2020), 288–308
  3. Bipartite conflict networks with returns to scale technology
    Qian Jiao, Bo Shen, and Xiang Sun
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 163 (2019), 516–531
  4. Equilibria and incentives in private information economies (typo)
    Xiang Sun, Yeneng Sun, Lei Wu, and Nicholas C. Yannelis
    Journal of Economic Theory 169 (2017), 474–488
  5. Modeling infinitely many agents (typo)
    Wei He, Xiang Sun, and Yeneng Sun
    Theoretical Economics 12:2 (2017),771–815
  6. Independent random partial matching with general types
    Xiang Sun
    Advances in Mathematics 286 (2016), 683–702
  7. On the diffuseness of incomplete information game
    Wei He and Xiang Sun
    Journal of Mathematical Economics 54 (2014), 131–137
  8. Pure-strategy Nash equilibria in nonatomic games with infinite-dimensional action spaces
    Xiang Sun and Yongchao Zhang
    Economic Theory 58:1 (2015), 161–182

Working Papers

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