Research Interests

Economic Theory and Applications
specialized in Matching and Market Design, Game Theory and Information Economics, Social and Economic Networks


  1. 平台“二选一”与反垄断
    沈波, 焦倩, 孙祥
    系统工程理论与实践, 2024, 44(1): 29-51
  2. Effort discrimination and curvature of contest technology in conflict networks
    Xiang Sun, Jin Xu, and Junjie Zhou
    Games and Economic Behavior 142 (2023), 978–991
  3. Conflicts in regular networks
    Ying Huang, Qian Jiao, Bo Shen, and Xiang Sun
    Journal of Mathematical Economics 106 (2023), 102827
  4. Robust perfect equilibrium in large games
    Enxian Chen, Lei Qiao, Xiang Sun, and Yeneng Sun
    Journal of Economic Theory 201 (2022), 105433
  5. The individualistic foundation of equilibrium distribution
    Xiang Sun, Yeneng Sun, and Haomiao Yu
    Journal of Economic Theory 189 (2020), 105083
  6. Perfect and proper equilibria in large games
    Xiang Sun and Yishu Zeng
    Games and Economic Behavior 119 (2020), 288–308
  7. Bipartite conflict networks with returns to scale technology
    Qian Jiao, Bo Shen, and Xiang Sun
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 163 (2019), 516–531
  8. Equilibria and incentives in private information economies (typo)
    Xiang Sun, Yeneng Sun, Lei Wu, and Nicholas C. Yannelis
    Journal of Economic Theory 169 (2017), 474–488
  9. Modeling infinitely many agents (typo)
    Wei He, Xiang Sun, and Yeneng Sun
    Theoretical Economics 12:2 (2017), 771–815
  10. Independent random partial matching with general types
    Xiang Sun
    Advances in Mathematics 286 (2016), 683–702
  11. Pure-strategy Nash equilibria in nonatomic games with infinite-dimensional action spaces
    Xiang Sun and Yongchao Zhang
    Economic Theory 58:1 (2015), 161–182
  12. On the diffuseness of incomplete information game
    Wei He and Xiang Sun
    Journal of Mathematical Economics 54 (2014), 131–137

Working Papers


  • PI, National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars (国家自然科学基金优秀青年科学基金项目)
    Non-cooperative Game Theory, Grant No. 72122017
  • PI, Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation for Young Teachers (霍英东教育基金会第十七届高等院校青年教师基金)
    Theory of Pure Strategy Equilibria in Bayesian Games, Grant No. 171076
  • PI, The General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (国家自然科学基金面上项目)
    Relative Saturation and its Applications to Game Theory, Grant No. 71773087
  • PI, Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, Ministry of Education (教育部留学回国启动基金)
    On the Diffuseness of Incomplete-Information Game
  • PI, The Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目)
    Independent Random Partial Matching: Theory and Applications, Grant No. 11401444

Honors and Awards

  • 2023年“武汉大学青年五四奖章”
  • 第十三届湖北省社会科学优秀成果奖三等奖
  • 武汉大学2022年学术成果奖一等奖
  • 教育部第八届高等学校科学研究优秀成果奖(人文社会科学)青年成果奖
  • 中国信息经济学2020优秀成果
  • 第十二届湖北省社会科学优秀成果奖二等奖
  • 中国信息经济学2019优秀成果
  • 武汉市第十六次社会科学优秀成果奖三等奖
  • 中国信息经济学2017青年创新奖
  • 武汉大学第十四届人文社会科学优秀成果一等奖
  • 湖北省“楚天学者计划”(楚天学子)

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